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About this item

  • The Only "Wheat, Barley, Sugar, Soya free" nutritional drink available in the market
  • 100% Natural Healthy Energy Drink
  • Packed with the power of The Indian grains - Siridhanya Millets
  • Made with Sprouted Siridhanya Millets, Cereals & Pulses, Nuts, Seeds and Dry fruits.


Daily consumption of "Millet House Women's Malt" provides the necessary energy boost for daily activities. Provides natural nutrients for healthier bones and muscles. It enhances the immune system and contains the nutrients crucial for proper functioning of metabolism.


Why to go for "Millet House Women's Malt"?
-> Because, unlike other, so called "Health Mixes" available in the market, it doesn't contain:
1. Wheat: Causes uncontrolled release of Sugar into blood making us permanent diabetic. Causes hair fall(Bald head), Diabetes etc.
2. Sugar: It'a a white poison. It's not a food material which should enter our mouth but should be produces as an end product of our digestive process. Causes Diabetes, BP, Obesity etc.
3. Grains with Gluten(Wheat,Barley): Causes hair fall, prevents our body from absorbing the essential nutrients.
4. Soya: Contains Chloro-aromatic chemical which affects blood generation in our body.
5. Milk Powder: Milk of modern cows have steroids in it. It causes premature menstrual cycles in girls, contribute to ADHD in children, reason for moustaches in ladies,etc.

Millet House Women's Malt - 400g

SKU: 9901921882
  • Millet House Women's Malt 400 Grams | Sprouted Millets Ayurvedic Herbs Malt | 100% Organic Health Mix for Women| Certified Special Women Health Mix Malt (Pack of 1, 400 Grams)

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