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Foxtail Millet

Fiber: 8.0 grams /100 grams  

  • Cleans nervous system - Parkinson, Paralysis, lungs cancer etc. can be cured.

  • Helps the Brain, spine, nervous system and skeletal system.

  • Best food for pregnant women and ensures a healthy baby.

  • It helps in rejuvenating the nervous and vascular systems, curing epilepsy, bed wetting in children. 

It's spread in Africa and Asia.


Kodo Millet

Fiber: 9.0 grams / 100 grams

  • Cleans up bone marrow, helps in normalizing quality of blood.

  • Helps in purification of blood.(Ideal for cleanup after Malaria, viral, Dengue and septic fevers)

  • Excellent for people affected by gangrene and bacterial fevers too. It helps in regenerating cells in the bone marrow.

Grows in Himalayan foot hills and written about in sacred YAJURVEDA texts.


Little Millet

Fiber: 9.8 grams / 100 grams            

  • Cleanses up the reproductive systems(gonads - uterus, testicles).

  • Best for Pancreas, Thyroid.

  • Corrects ovary related issues in women, it improves the reproductive strength in men.

  • It also corrects menstrual disorders and also helps in PCOD and other gynaec problems. 


Barnyard Millet

Fiber: 10 grams / 100 grams            

  • Cleanses endocrine organs and soft organs like,  liver, gall bladder and kidney.

  • It's fiber content helps in increasing the efficiency of ductless glands such as pancreas, thyroid etc.

  • Best food for patients of Jaundice, thyroid and Kidney stones.

Also known as the Japanese millet, grown widely in Uttaranchal, India & used to grow abundantly in the valleys of the Japanese mountains.


Browntop Millet

Fiber: 12.5 grams / 100 grams            

  • Cleanses from top to bottom of the body(from hair to nail)

  • Helps in digestion, brain, spine & other skeletal systems.

  • It helps detoxify entire body systems. 

  • It cleanses the entire digestive tract and can solve the ailments of gastritis, constipation ,haemorrhoids and all other GI and rectal problems. It also helps in cleansing the body of metabolic waste.

  • Highly recommended in various cancers curing.

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