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   1. What are SIRI DHANYA Millets ? 

Millets are a group of highly variable small-seeded grasses, widely grown around the world as cereal crops or grains or for fodder and human food. Millets are important crops in the semiarid tropics of Asia and Africa (especially in India, Mali, Nigeria, and Niger), with 97% of millet production in developing countries. These are 'Positive Grains' that have ample fiber, nutrients, minerals, Vitamins etc.

Dr. Khadar(Food Scientist) coined the name SiriDhanya.

Dr. Khadar has brought eternal truth behind keeping good health by doing intensive research for many years (towards finding a lasting solution for many modern illnesses) after being deeply disturbed by the cause of modern illnesses and resolving to find lasting solutions for them.

Below are the 5 SiriDhanya Millets(Positive Grains):

1. Foxtail millet

2. Browntop millet

3. Little millet

4. Barnyard millet

5. Kodo millet

In the process of consuming each of these millets he discovered that the healing properties present in them could cure even deadly diseases. Hence he named these five types of millets as ‘Siridhanya’.

   2. SIRI DHANYA Millets are found only in semi arid tropics?

Not necessarily. While millets are indigenous to many parts of the world, Foxtail Millet is supposed  to be growing near foot hills of Italian Alps and also found in oldest graves excavated in China. Brown Top Millet was in Americas, Little Millet was in Russia and still found in African wild. They were wide spread across all the continents Asia, Europe, Africa and America and were able to grow in all types of geographic conditions

In Indian sanskrit ancient texts, millets have been mentioned in Yajurveda too. Kangu, Kodrava, Nivara, Syamaka, Priyangu, KoraDusa are some of the millets which found place of mention. Kodo Millet grows near foothills of Himalayas. Barnyard millet is grown in Japan's valleys.

Here we are not talking about 100s of other Millet varieties which today's generation has forgotten about, which were growing in Africa or Asia or Americas.

It is unfortunate that the modern world is trying to throw away the best foods that nature had given us and got used to 'Negative grains' like Wheat and Rice that are very low in fiber, low nutrition, disease causing and mankind is suffering its consequences. Rice cultivation with water stagnation is the cause for Green House Gases production and environmental pollution.

   3. Why SIRI DHANYA Millets seem to be a little expensive compared to regular Rice or Wheat?

No, they are not expensive in real sense. Firstly, 'Neutral grains'(They don't harm but they have less fiber) like  Jowar, Bajra and Ragi are still inexpensive. But they contain less fiber (1.3, 1.2 and 3.6%). Ragi has a disadvantage of quickly turning to Glucose hence not suitable if you are a diabetic.

The 'SIRI DHANYA" millets(Fiber 8 to 12.5%) give only 4 to 6 Quintals of Grain yield per acre. (Unlike 30-35 Quintals in Rice paddy)

When you convert to them to 'Rice' by dehulling, the milling recovery rate is about 55 - 60 percent plus only.

So the present costs are not at all high compared to what good they offer and at what cost they get created.

You will eat only 60% of your Rice quantity when you come to Millets 'rice'. Think of it as saving !

   4. SIRI DHANYA millets need special storage at home?

SIRI DHANYA millets are grown in totally chemicals free environment, harvested and threshed and also processed in a chemicals-free environment. The dehusking process is done in small batches carefully in order to retain full nutrition. Our de-husked grains are UNPOLISHED.

After De-husking, the 'Rice' of Millets is attractive to 'storage pest attack'. Remember, this is the best food and chemicals free. No fumigants and no storage chemicals are added to it. So, ants, insects get attracted quickly, Even in Millet grain packets, accidentally a pest larva may appear inspite of best efforts to create clean 'Rice'.

SO IDEALLY ONE CAN STORE THE GRAIN PACKETS IN A REFRIGERATOR to avoid ants and insect pests. You can store them for months at a stretch in this manner. Totally safe !!

   5. Why the SIRI DHANYA disappeared from our meals in recent decades?

We could say it is due to indiference of literate public, policy makers and greed of corporate giants which are interested in seeing the public to get entangled in the web of diseases and chemical cures. Today the governments have a huge responsibility to keep their populations healthy but some governments are working hand in glove with the villains and harming them.

India's 25% of the population have Diabetes. In USA, every 3 rd man is Diabetic. 65% of USA population is Obese. 50% of the school children are chronically diseased. Constipation is biggest problem in USA and the laxative 'Dulcolax' is contributing to nearly 70% of Pharma companies' profits. Is this health?

Let us wake up the people, let us educate them to eat Siri Dhanya and encourage more of Siri Dhanya farming in pure organic methods. Millets can solve the world problems in several ways.

   6. How can SIRI DHANYA help solve the world problems?

Siri Dhanya Millets are the Positive Grains. They do lots of good to mankind by removing diseases. Today's Wheat and Rice are Negtive Grains. They cause many illnesses.

Siri Dhanya need only very few resources and yet they give humans the best food possible.

WATER : To produce 1 Kg of Millet grain , you spend 300 Liters of water  where as to produce 1 Kg of Rice Paddy grains or Wheat, you need 8,000 to 9,000 liters of water. To produce 1 Kg meat, you will spend 60,000 liters of water. Can't you see the superiority of Millets?

SOIL : Millets grow in any kind of soil. Even in worst soils it grows and gives harvests. The other grains need fertile soils only.

FERTILISER : Millets require no artificial fertilization. If you can afford, you may give organic natural manures. But other grains need huge quantities of chemical fertilisers and pesticides and end up being harmful to human health, soils and water.

NUTRITION : Millets give us the best nutrition apart from carbohydrates. High protein, minerals and Vitamins, essential Amino acids, fatty acids and Dietary fiber. Yes, they are the best food. Rice Paddy and Wheat are no match to Millets and have lots of harmful affects on adults by providing Carbohydrates that quickly turn to Glucose and get released in to blood and put our systems in difficulty. Fiber in Rice and Wheat is very low and does not meet food fiber requirements of humans. Wheat and Rice are also low in micro nutrients and are processed in to worst foods & they are the cause of many diseases in modern world.

HEALTH : Now it is an established fact that the whole world is facing many many health challenges because of Fibre-less foods. It is also clear to 1000s of patients that all the lifestyle diseases can be made to disappear just by eating Siri Dhanya Millets for Breakfast, lunch and Dinner and removing harmful foods like Rice, Wheat, refined flours, Processed meats, refined oils, packed & ready to consume -kind of foods and milk. (Home made Yoghurt or Buttermilk are okay). Now, imagine a world with super abundant Millets foods & with great soil health, Human health and ground water health at its top form.

Siridhanya do not require any fertilizers or pesticides. They need no investment.

Thus by adopting Siridhanya millets as our staple food, the city dwellers will be helping the small dry land farmers and greatly contributing towards conservation of water and environmental sustainability , since food is the one thing that every human consumes three times every single day.

   7. Can SIRI DHANYA Millets solve Health Problems of Humans?

Yes, Definitely, says Dr Khader, a well known scientist, Social worker and a doctor from South India.

Years of his relentless efforts and research have proved with 1000s of patients suffering from Diabetes, Gangrene, Hypertension, triglycerides, Convulsions, Asthma, Rheumatism, Tumors, Cancers, Gynaec problems, Bone development, nervous disorders have significantly benefited from SIRI DHANYA millets. That is why he tours, delivers lectures to Farmers, Housewife, scientists, academicians, Universities, Legislators, Doctors, Managers, Officers and students informing about the greatness of Millets and the need to bring them back in to our food, because the benefits are immense.

   8. An article says certain millet contains goitrogens that can cause goitre if consumed as staple diet. Is it true?

Firstly there have not been enough studies done to say that it does have a goitrogenous property.......secondly this kind of information has started circulating as an anti campaign against millets vested interests and companies  who have sensed that the upcoming millet popularity will strongly hit their profits...(Millets need no chemicals to be cultivated)

For example when they found that in india the sales of calcium tablet are very less ...the reason they found was that we all have have the habbit of eating curd/home made they started spreading wrong info that curd will increase cholesterol....this is just one example ...They tried the same with our good old Ground nut oil. They tried to push their Sunflower and harmful Soyabean oil and now, recently the Canola oil (which actually is Rapeseed oil which is unfit for human consumption). Also where do all these chemical laden and blended refined oils of today come from? Where were they in India 7-8 years before? Why no one questions them?
Thirdly ....we are not asking people to eat only one grain....they say these things against fox tail millet...not all millets...that too when they studied some african communities who are predominantly meat eaters and Sorghum millet eaters. We ask people to eat all the 5 crops available...5 SIRI DHANYA daily or one per meal...when we depend on so many grains as a staple..we will get the goodness of all and the deficient nutrients of one will be balanced by the others....There are many such individuals who have been eating millets since decades and regular Rice is just a rare occasion food for them. They are very healthy. Thousands have been cured of diseases like Thyroid while eating them.
Ignorantly, We are depending on wheat and Rice paddy alone which have much more bad effects on all our health...nothing is being said of these...Nearly 30 crores (300 million) Indians are affected by Diabetes alone. Have you ever come across one article that was written about the ill effects of Rice or Wheat? I don't think you did. Funny isn't it? If 3% of population gets affected by a disease, Health officials take it seriously. But here 25% of the population is affected. Diabetes can cause 10 more serious diseases in people. But no one is bothered !

   9. Can you give us some more info on 'Whole grain Siri Dhanya' vs the problem of Diabetes and triglycerides ?

Undoubtedly Siri Dhanya are the winners. In fact, research evidence continually shows that a high intake of most of whole grains reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes as much as 21-30%.

Researchers conducting a 2013 meta-analysis of 16 studies exploring the association between whole grain intake and type 2 diabetes concluded that “a high whole grain intake, but not refined grains, is associated with reduced type 2 diabetes risk.” They suggest the consumption of at least two servings daily of whole grains to reduce type 2 diabetes risk. More recent research suggests a relationship between whole grain intake and insulin action. 

Researchers found that the whole grain group had significantly lower levels of post-meal insulin (29%) and triglyceride levels (43%) than before the 12-week test period, thus reducing the risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Based on these findings, the researchers suggest that “the whole-grain diet was able to improve insulin action” after meals, thus providing clues about how whole grain diets reduce the risk of chronic disease. 

Here we have 'Dehulled Whole Grain Siri Dhanya' which have an amazing quantity of 8 to 12.5% fiber in them . You can only thank nature for such wonderful food grains. Siri Dhanya are great food for all mankind and they can grow in many geographical and different climatic conditions.

   10. MORE on the problem of Type II Diabetes and co-relation to our foods :

Let me share some info about the type II Diabetes and co-relation to our foods:

Today's wheat foods and Rice foods have very little (much less than 1% ) fibre. Refined flours are much worse because of various bleaching agents inherent to them (They ruin the beta cells of Pancreas).
So , the Fibreless carbs will turn to Glucose in a very short time - like in 20-40 minutes and great amounts of Glucose gets pumped in to blood. Conditions get worse if you eat more of such foods(burger, pizza, Biscuits, bread, cakes, sweets) 5-6 times a day along with sugary drinks 5-6 times a day. The proportional insulin demand also goes higher.
As long as your Pancreas produces enough insulin things will be okay. As long as your cells don't develop insulin resistance, things will be okay. If some antibiotic ruins your pancreas or a procedure like surgery ruins your pancreas or if your insulin production gets affected due to age or other factors; Diabetes condition appears.
Also grief (loss of loved ones, love life), work tensions (sales guys), over ambition, business losses; Anger, vengeful thinking, Depression ; such high range of emotions can ruin your pancreas's efficiency and result in Diabetes.

A continuous 75 minutes of walk results in total usage of Glucose in your total blood 6-7 grams and calls for converting stored Glucose (Glycogen, lipids& triglycerides ) back to Glucose form and spend it. This is a healthy process.

So now we know how to increase chances of quick Glucose release or reduce the possibilities of quick Glucose release in to blood.
Vegetables and greens do not create Glucose quickly. They are ideal for good health. 
SIRI DHANYA, our ANCIENT MILLETs with low Glycemic index do not release Glucose in large quantities due to high fibre (8 to 12.5%) content. They take 5 to 7 hours to release Glucose slowly and in small quantities So they are the best carbs with better nutrients than Rice & Wheat.
Type II can be better managed taking in to consideration these factors. One may even keep away Type II Diabetes and even cure it altogether by taking the required steps.

   10. How to use these Siridhanya Millets :

Soak these millets for a minium of 2hrs.

Eat each millet for 2 days so that it can do enough cleansing action on respective part of the body.

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